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Overcoming Income Discrepancies with LoanFix for Home Loan Approval


Meet Mr. Sharma, a successful business owner with a thriving retail business. Despite having a healthy business and substantial bank transactions, Mr. Sharma faces challenges in securing a home loan. He reports a lower income in his Income Tax Return (ITR) filings due to various deductions and expenses, which has led traditional banks to reject his loan application based on perceived income instability.

Financial Profile

Business Owner: Mr. Sharma

Business Type: Retail Business with Consistent Bank Transactions

Reported Income in ITR: Low due to deductions and business expenses

Actual Earnings: Strong bank transactions reflect a healthier income

Home Loan Requirement: Seeking a home loan for property purchase.

Challenges Faced

Income Mismatch: While Mr. Sharma's bank transactions reflect a steady flow of funds and income, his ITR filings do not accurately represent his actual earnings due to legitimate business deductions.

Income Instability Concerns: Traditional banks primarily rely on ITR filings to gauge an applicant's income stability and repayment capacity. Mr. Sharma's lower ITR-reported income raises concerns about his ability to manage loan repayments.

Loan Application Rejections: The disparity between Mr. Sharma's actual earnings and reported income has led to repeated loan application rejections from traditional banks.

Approaching LoanFix

Frustrated by the inability to secure a home loan from conventional lenders, Mr. Sharma learns about LoanFix, a financial institution that specializes in offering innovative funding solutions for individuals with non-traditional income sources.

LoanFix's Solution

Comprehensive Income Evaluation: LoanFix takes a comprehensive approach by considering Mr. Sharma's overall financial health, including his bank transactions, business operations, and actual income.

Bank Transaction Analysis: LoanFix analyzes Mr. Sharma's bank statements to assess his consistent and healthy cash flow, which indicates his ability to manage loan repayments.

Alternative Income Assessment: Recognizing that ITR may not accurately reflect Mr. Sharma's income potential, LoanFix considers his actual earnings, business performance, and bank transactions to determine his repayment capacity.

Customized Loan Structuring: LoanFix offers flexible loan structuring options, such as extending the loan tenure or considering a higher down payment, to ensure that the monthly repayment is manageable for Mr. Sharma.

Dedicated Financial Advisor: LoanFix assigns a dedicated financial advisor to guide Mr. Sharma through the application process, addressing his concerns, explaining the evaluation criteria, and providing transparent communication.


With LoanFix's assistance, Mr. Sharma successfully secures the home loan he needs to purchase his desired property. By taking into account his strong bank transactions and actual income potential, LoanFix provides him with an opportunity to obtain a home loan despite the discrepancies in his ITR-reported income.

Key Takeaways

Innovative Financial Solution: Specialized financial institutions like LoanFix can offer tailored

solutions for individuals facing income discrepancies between their ITR filings and actual

financial health.

Holistic Assessment: Considering a range of factors, including bank transactions and

Business performance provides a more accurate representation of an applicant's ability to repay a loan.

Personalized Assistance: A dedicated advisor can play a crucial role in helping applicants

navigate the loan approval process, providing clarity and addressing any concerns they may



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